**All prices for onsite services exclude the trip charge, which is calculated based on travel time.**



Service TypeTime AllottedWhat’s CoveredNon-member Price Range
1 Year membership Covers all computer related services listed below for 1 year. Pay only travel fee during that time period**$199.99**
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System Diagnosis1 hourscan for hardware and software/virus issues$39.99
General Tech Support1 hourcovers anything that does not fall into a category$25
Computer Setup2 hoursUnboxing and physical set-up; setup user accounts; install all system, driver and firmware updates$99.99
Hard Drive Upgrade2 hoursclone old drive and install new drive. MAX 2tb$149
Hardware installation1 hourInstallation of RAM Memory, Hard Drive, Audio/Graphics Card, etc. For audio/graphics card, also includes driver installation$99.99
Virus/Malware Removal1.5 hourRemoval of all viruses and malware infections. if cleanup is finished during this time period, also includes system tuneup$149.99
System Tuneup1 hourclean up all temp files, defrag hdd, registry error cleanup, registry defrag$55
OS Installation (valid license Required)2 hoursInstall os, setup user accounts, install os updates$99.99
Operating System Upgrade2 hoursPrep system for upgrade, install upgrade, and install all updates$75
Software Setup2 hourmax of 2 pieces of software$39.99
Data Backup2 hoursdata backup using customer supplied backup media. MAX 2tb$99 – $149
Data Transfer2 hoursTransfer of all user library data(documents,photos, music, videos, etc) to new system. MAX 2tb$99
Level 1 Data Recovery (in house)2 hoursRecovery of deleted or lost files. In house only, does not apply to sent out drives. MAX 2tb$99
Service Type (not included in membership)Time AllottedWhat’s CoveredPrice Range (20% discount for members)
Home WIFI setup1.5 HourSetup of either 1 router, or up to 4 mesh access points$99.99
Printer/Scanner Setup1 hourUnboxing and physical set-up of 1 scanner or printer, and setting up software for device on max of 3 computers$79.99
Client Education1 hourcoaching for use of computers, printers, home theater equipment, etc$39
Smart Tv Setup1.5 hoursPhysical setup and programming of Smart Tv. Does not include wall mounting. MAX 3 Streaming services$149.99
Harmony Smart Remote Setup1.5 hoursPhysical setup, and programming of remote and hub. MAX 10 Activities$99.99
Networked Audio System1.5 hoursPhysical Setup of speakers. MAX 2 speakers$149.99
Networked Audio System1.5 hoursPhysical Setup of Audio hub$149.99
Smart Lighting Setup2 hoursPhysical Setup of hub and bulbs. MAX 10 bulbs$99.99
Smart Doorbell Setup (must have previously installed hardwired doorbell button in place)2 hoursPhysical Setup of doorbell and app setup$99.99
VR or game console Setup1.5 hoursPhysical Setup of VR Headset or game console. Also includes software setup and updates$99.99