Hello, my name is Ray Romeo and I’ve been working in the IT field for over 16 years.I truly care that your computer works, and works well. The fact you need a computer for work, home, play, relaxation, and communication is important to me. I will in all cases strive to complete your computer in a timely and least expensive manner as possible. I work on site or pick up and deliver your computer because I believe in service. I also provide remote repair service for customers outside my travel radius and for customers who find it more convenient.People are what the whole thing is about. Everything starts and ends there. I know computers are a pain in the butt, and far from being user friendly. In fact, I find the term just silly. I have other adjectives, however, silly will have to do. People use computers, people need computers, people need help with computers. I would say people are the most important part of any endeavor, without them you could truly ask the question, who cares? I am very lucky to go to many locations, that I may never be able to go if it were not for my profession; some are dark and lonely while others are exciting and interesting but no matter, always a treat.I am very satisfied taking things that do not function or are having issues and correcting the problem. I often liken it to a Chess match, I will win, because I believe I will win, and because after all a computer is just a thing. I love technology. Anything with a screen or circuit board is usually right up my alley. Computer, cell phone, tablet, printer, TV and other a/v products, etc.